We aim to overcome the barriers that prevent children from seeing well and achieving their potential at school. By bringing vision care into the classroom, we are mobilizing teachers to detect children’s vision difficulties and facilitate the purchase of a pair of eyeglasses.

Many children in developing countries have never had an eye check and don’t even realize they have a vision problem.

A key solution is to integrate vision care programs into existing health and public services.

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Essilor’s 2.5 NVG team has developed a school eye care program

First launched in Kenya, that raises awareness on the importance of good vision for children at school and provides children who have difficulty in seeing with access to a pair of eyeglasses.

It follows a five step process that begins with training teachers how to pre-screen students’ vision. Teachers are able to identify students with vision difficulties who then go on to have a full eye examination with trained optometrists. They also educate parents on eye care and the importance of glasses for students identified as having a vision problem. What’s innovative about the program is its use of the cashless and highly popular Mesa mobile payment platform, which provides an easy and trusted way for parents to purchase eyeglasses on the spot.


The first pilot programs in Kenya have proved highly effective in focusing resources on finding and equipping students in need. Essilor is looking to implement this innovative business model in other schools across the country.

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Since 2013, Essilor has been exploring different inclusive business models to solve the issue of access to vision care by creating the infrastructure to serve ‘base of the pyramid’ consumers.

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