People living in rural or isolated environments are particularly disadvantaged when it comes to basic health and vision care. From road to rail, Essilor partners with organizations using different mobile delivery methods to take healthcare services to the remotest communities.

On track to reach all areas 
Dr Vagón is a 14-car health train that travels across Mexico providing free medical consultations and treatment for some the country’s most isolated populations. Launched by Fundacion Grupa Mexico in 2014, it has visited over 114 communities and treated some 140,000 people. In each location Dr Vagon stays for four days where the team can treat around 400 people daily. The 40+ “crew” includes a range of healthcare professionals and support personnel.

Dr Vagon 14 car helth train
Dr Vagon dedicated vision care unit

Adding to mobile medical services 
Essilor partnered with Dr Vagon to add a dedicated vision care unit to its range of health, dental, orthopedic and dermatology services. This enables patients to benefit from an optometry consultation, refraction as well as detection of eye diseases. Individuals who need of vision correction can choose from the full 2.5 NVG product range, from reading glasses to Ready2Clip™ prescription glasses that can be fitted on the spot. They can also buy sunglasses to protect their sight.


Since 2013, Essilor has been exploring different inclusive business models to solve the issue of access to vision care by creating the infrastructure to serve ‘base of the pyramid’ consumers.

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