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Our Children’s Vision: new coalition will tackle the public health issue we see coming

A first-of-its-kind global coalition has just been launched with the aim of upscaling, accelerating and expanding access to eye health services to 50 million children by 2020. Co-founded by the Brien Holden Vision Institute and the Vision For Life fund, created by Essilor, the campaign has already garnered the support of over 30 organisations, all united […]


Essilor Canada team gives back in Punta Cana

Volunteers from Essilor Canada recently seized the opportunity to start their 2016 National Sales Meeting in the Dominican Republic with a humanitarian mission. By partnering with local eyecare professionals and associations, the Essilor team helped to examine the eyes of over 250 children in Punta Cana. The Essilor volunteers traveled to two schools in Punta Cana and set up screening stations […]


Innovating to bring vision to the 2.5 billion people in the world who can’t see properly

Good vision is a force for change – transforming lives and economic futures. The challenge is to find sustainable business models that will continue to support communities as they develop and their vision needs evolve. Essilor’s BoP Innovation Lab and 2.5 New Vision Generation inclusive business division are working hand in hand to help create a world of […]


For everyone to see well, we need to See Change

Impaired vision is the most common disability in the world. Yet its impact on society is largely unrecognized, as is the fact that simple solutions already exist.  Jayanth Bhuvaraghan, Essilor’s Chief Corporate Mission Officer, explains how the Group’s See Change program aims to innovate across the board to create new pathways to healthy vision for all.  “Seeing well […]

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