Enabling Kenyan school children to see and to learn better

  April 9, 2018      Awareness, Inclusive Business

All parents want their kids to do well at school and the reasons why they don’t are not always a lack of talent or motivation. What if a child is sitting at the back of the class and can’t see the board clearly? The child might not know there is something wrong with ​their​ eyes, neither might ​their​ parents nor ​their​ teachers.

In Kenya, ​our inclusive business 2.5 New Vision Generation, launched a pilot project to ​raise awareness among​ parents and teachers on the importance of good vision for children at school and to ​provide​ ​children who have difficult​y ​to see​,​ with ​access to ​a pair of spectacles. Parents can purchase them remotely thanks to a mobile payment system. This innovative, sustainable business model will now be implemented in many other schools all over the country. It is yet another step towards creat​ing​ access to eye care for the 8 million Kenyans who don’t have the vision correction they need.

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