See Change is our vision. Is it yours?

At Essilor we believe that everyone has the right to healthy vision. But a staggering 2.5 billion people still do not have the vision correction they need. Our See Change platform celebrates the Essilor people and partners who are bringing positive change to the lives of millions through direct actions that bridge the gap.

What We Do

Along with our partners we focus on 3 main areas of action that have enabled us to equip close to 3 million underserved people with eyeglasses since 2013.

Opening Eyes – a volunteer’s perspective

Bringing healthy vision to everyone, everywhere, is an extraordinary challenge especially when we consider one in three people can’t see the world clearly. But this is our mission at Essilor and we can’t do it alone. Partnerships are particularly important when it comes to reaching people with particular needs. One of our longest standing partnerships, […]


A look at the Vision Ambassadors in Kenya

Access to eye care shouldn’t be taken for granted especially when 90% of the world’s 2.5 billion people who suffer from uncorrected vision live in developing nations. This is why in 2013 Essilor created its inclusive business arm, 2.5 New Vision Generation (2.5 NVG) to provide access to affordable vision care where it’s needed most. […]


SIGHT – The Story of Vision

Last year broadcasters across the U.S. premiered “SIGHT – The Story of Vision”, a one-hour documentary directed by Kris Koenig and narrated by Sir Elton John. It traces the progress in eye care over the past 800 years, as well as the growing worldwide vision crisis and efforts undertaken by individuals and organizations to resolve it. The documentary also […]


Tackling Health Crisis on National Eye Care Day in China

China is suffering from an unknown health crisis: today 500 million people, almost 40% of the population, can’t see clearly. With the impact of impaired vision an urgent concern, ‘National Eye Care Day’, is an important date in China’s calendar. Each year, Essilor’s local teams and partners mobilize to raise awareness for healthy vision and […]


Partnering to bring good vision to rural Ethiopia

Improve a child’s sight and you can help improve their ability to learn. That’s why Vision Aid Overseas (VAO) and Vision for Life (VFL) have renewed their partnership to increase access to vision care services for disadvantaged communities in rural Southern Ethiopia.  With a population of approximately 99.4 million people, Ethiopia is the second most populated country in Africa after Nigeria. […]


Why vision should be everyone’s mission

Good vision is a basic human right – seeing well improves everything in life, from an individual’s health, education and work opportunities to the sustainable development of local communities and economies. This infographic explains why we should all care about our vision and the 2.5 billion people who suffer from uncorrected poor vision.  


Innovation in action

Creating and delivering successful vision care solutions to communities around the world rests on understanding and meeting local needs. It is only by taking a holistic and systemic view that we can help communities thrive, and meet our goal of reaching 50 million people by 2020. For us innovation is not just a buzz word. […]


RestoringVision: giving the gift of sight

For many people who can’t see clearly, a simple pair of reading glasses can make all the difference. We take a look at the work of RestoringVision, a non-profit organization and partner with Essilor company FGX, which has delivered over 6 million new reading glasses and sunglasses to people in need worldwide.  Mark Sachs founded […]


Tackling the national health crisis in China

Close to 500 million people over the age of 5 have an uncorrected visual defect in China, among whom 450 million have myopia. By 2020, nearly 700 million Chinese people will be myopic if we don’t act now. Essilor Vision Foundation is one of the organizations tackling this national health crisis through its flagship programs […]

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Essilor’s mission is to improve lives by improving sight for everyone, everywhere.
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