Vision Impact Institute Q&A: Tackling vision care in a resource-limited world - Essilor See Change

Uncorrected poor vision and other public health crises are currently, and rightly, taking a backseat during these times of pandemic. Yet in the case of uncorrected poor vision, 90% of those who suffer from it are living in developing economies and very likely the same ones whose livelihoods are impacted by the pandemic. If we can continue to help them gain access to good vision, we give them the opportunity to be more effective and productive as pandemic efforts seek to help them tide over unemployment, regain their livelihoods and keep them safe from the virus. How then can we continue tackling vision care in a resource-limited world?

The Vision Impact institute (VII) spoke with Allyala Nandakumar, Professor of the Practice, Brandeis University, Chief Economist at the Office of the Global AIDS Coordinator, USA and VII Advisory Board Member to find out. Have a read!

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Photo by Getúlio Moraes on Unsplash