Vision Impact Institute launches in China at Michelin Bibendum Challenge - Essilor See Change


The Vision Impact Institute (VII) has made a high profile entrance into China at sustainable mobility event Michelin Bibendum Challenge in Chengdu. The Institute used the opportunity to highlight the importance of good vision in driver safety as well as some of the wider issues.

Previous research has linked 59% of accidents to poor sight.

VII held a workshop on the importance of good vision as part of the conference. Called ‘Road safety and connected mobility’, it stressed the connection between perfect sight and road safety. 90% of drivers’ decisions are based on vision and previous research has linked 59% of accidents to poor sight.

VII also officially launched in China at a press conference in November that coincided with the Michelin Bibendum event, sharing insights into the wider issues of myopia and other vision problems in the Chinese population. His Excellency Wu Jianmin – VII Board member and former China Ambassador to the United Nations – spoke of the importance of vision care.

According to research conducted by VII, around half of the total 1.4 billion Chinese population have poor vision. Of these 340 million people do not correct their vision problem, either through lack of understanding or through lack of access to screenings and corrective lenses. Some are unaware that they cannot see properly or that eyeglasses exist. Others have misconceptions that wearing glasses can worsen your eyesight. Many simply live too far away from qualified eye care professionals.