Vision Ambassador Initiative expands to Indonesia through medical students - Essilor See Change

Following the success of the Eye Mitra program, which empowers local entrepreneurs to bring the gift of vision to rural villages in India, 2.5 NVG has now partnered with the Djarum Foundation to train its first Vision Ambassadors in Indonesia.

A basic one-day spectacle training program was conducted this week in the Kudus Vocational School, where 20 medical students qualified to provide presbyopic screening and to equip patients with readers. Many students reported that this specialised training in eye health would help them in their lives as well as in their future careers.

One of the students, Defian, said the training helped him improve his overall knowledge. Fellow trainee Satriyo, said, “It was fun and exciting dealing directly with patients. I was able to share the experience with family and friends about eye health and eye glasses.”

The students will first target school teachers and ultimately expand to factory workers, who require meticulous near vision in order to perform their work tasks.