Supporting government COVID-19 efforts in India - Essilor See Change

Essilor Vision Foundation (EVF) India, the Nayonika Eye Care Charitable Trust, India Vision Institute and Ratna Nidhi Charitable Trust are supporting government and public COVID-19 efforts in the states of Karnataka, Maharashtra and Tamil Nadu.

Under this collaborative initiative, we distributed over 26,000 pieces of personal protective equipment (PPE) like plano glasses, surgical gloves, face masks and shields as well as 600 liters of hand sanitizers to healthcare workers and other frontline personnel. Protecting them from the virus is one thing, keeping their energies up is another so we also distributed daily lunches to them.

As we rely on these everyday heroes to battle the virus, it is important to remind the community of the role they play in combating the virus. We shared safe distancing and eye safety tips with everyone via the media, the likes of Radio Active 90.4 FM and News18 India.

COVID-19 impacts everyone so we are heartened to play a part in supporting government efforts to help everyone through it!

Packing PPE for frontline workers
Packing PPE for frontline workers