Sharing inspirational stories at 2nd Eye Mitra conference - Essilor See Change

The 2nd Eye Mitra Convention was held in January at Mathura, near New Delhi, to celebrate the progress of the 160 Eye Mitra Opticians present and share key learnings from the past year. D. L. Madan, key opinion leader in the Indian optical world, was there to share his experiences.  


Mr Madan said he began trading at the age of 15 with less than $1 USD. Over the past 65 years his enterprise has grown to become one of the most and respected optical businesses in New Delhi.

His speech will have resonated with the participants present, who in general were under-employed before they retrained as Eye Mitra Opticians. Part of a body of professional small business owners, the “Eye Mitras” now number 350 in total.