Ready-to-clip eyewear: doing more with less - Essilor See Change

Providing affordable vision care to consumers at the base of the pyramid (BoP) requires looking afresh at all the solutions on offer. It also means finding innovative ways of doing more with less. Essilor’s 2.5 New Vision Generation team has developed a Ready to Clip™ offer that is pushing back the frontiers of on-the-spot vision care.

One of the main barriers preventing low-income consumers from buying the eyeglasses they need is the capacity to have their eyes tested and then to immediately buy and walk away with a pair of glasses that are both comfortable and attractive. This is particularly true of rural communities.

In response, 2.5 New Vision Generation (NVG) has designed a new concept called Ready to Clip™. The beauty of this solution lies in the fact that it places the needs of the BoP consumer firmly at the heart of its offer, combining fashion with functionality.  Firstly, consumers living in rural areas or townships get to enjoy the dignity of choice through a wide range of attractive frames at affordable prices;  secondly, thanks to pre-cut lenses that are interchangeable and can be snapped in to the Ready to Clip frames, the vision care provider can immediately customize the pair of eyeglasses to fit the wearer’s prescription. The solution thereby provides for on-the-spot dispensing, a key success factor in tackling vision correction in hard-to-reach communities.

The Ready to Clip™ solution enables on-the-spot dispensing which is proving a key success factor in tackling vision correction in hard-to-reach communities.

The Ready to Clip™ solution is proving a hit with many of the NGO partners working with 2.5 New Vision Generation. Sandra Abreu,  Head of Insituto Ver e Viver, Essilor’s social business venture in Brazil, explains: “The Ready to Clip products have really simplified the lives of our partners. Many of them used to recycle old glasses, which was very time-consuming, and on top of that, the products didn’t appeal to their customers. But thanks to the attractive design of  Ready to Clip™ frames, the adoption rate is a lot higher. Technically-speaking, the on-the-spot dispensing is a real game-changer, especially since most people travel very far from their homes to attend our vision care events. And last but not least, this innovation is good for our social business; more and more NGOs are contacting us after hearing about how practical the Ready to Clip products are.”

Following the success of its  adult collection, 2.5 NVG is now expanding its Ready to Clip™ offering to include a wider range of frames to suit different ethnicities as well a selection of fun frames for children.