Reaching disadvantaged communities in Laos - Essilor See Change

Through our inclusive businesses, we bring affordable eye care to many hard-to-reach communities. But the lack of access to distribution channels is not always the only reason people don’t have glasses. Some people simply can’t afford eye care and may not be aware they need it.

That’s why we implement philanthropic programs, with the support of employees and partners, to help these disadvantaged communities experience the benefits of seeing well. For our employees, this is also an opportunity to see the immediate impact of their daily contribution to our mission of improving lives by improving sight.

This year, our factory in Laos organized two large screening events, with support from Essilor Vision Foundation ASEAN, to serve the nearby communities. We encouraged people to attend the events with announcements on the local radio station.

Over 3000 people who live near the factory were screened in just four days and those in need received a free pair of spectacles. Many received their glasses on the spot thanks to Essilor’s Ready2Clip™ lenses and frames. This was particularly beneficial to elderly people who were unable to undertake the long journey to visit the nearest optical store.

If I don’t wear glasses, I can’t see clearly. So I feel much better when I wear them.

A 70-year-old woman who came with her daughter to the event and received a free pair of spectacles, shared her motivation to travel here: “If I don’t wear glasses, I can’t see clearly. So I feel much better when I wear them.”

For elderly people, feeling better means living independently, moving around safely and continuing to enjoy daily near vision activities like reading or cooking.