Quality visual health for all is one step closer in Mexico - Essilor See Change

High quality lenses, in less time and at the lowest cost was how non-profit healthcare provider Salud Digna described the partnership with Essilor at the opening of their first joint optics lab in Mexico.

Quality Visual Health for all one step closer in Mexico_cutting the ribbon

The lab is a state of the art facility that provides vision examinations with the latest generation of equipment together with an exclusive supply of semi-finished lenses. The aim is to produce quality lenses to be distributed at affordable costs through Salud Digna’s network of not-for-profit healthcare centres across Mexico and beyond.

We estimate that 550,000 people will receive this benefit through Salud Digna in 2014, and one million in 2016,” said Juan Carlos Ordonez Samudio, director of Salud Digna.

The organization’s founder, Jesus Vizcarra Calderon was equally enthusiastic when he spoke at the inauguration of the lab in Culican, Mexico:

“We are capable of doing great things by the end of 2014 with 34 clinics. If in 2013 we served 2.1 million people, this year we will serve more than 3 million.”

Latin America is home to 170 million of the 2.5 billion people worldwide who need vision correction but don’t have access to it. Salud Digna estimates they can reach 550,000 people from 2014 onwards, and 1 million by 2016. This latest Mexican partnership adds another strand to the high-quality, low cost healthcare the organization provides to low-income families across the country. Yet if the aim is to reach ever increasing numbers, there are to be no short cuts on quality.

Three people from Essilor Mexico spent six months working side-by-side with Salud Digna teams to create the lab, which can provide up to 800 sets of lenses a day for 23 clinics. Essilor staff trained operators, technicians and maintenance operators to work on the equipment. The company also shared their expertise across the entire manufacture chain, which is important to help Salud Digna ramp up production as its number of clinics and patients grow.

“It’s also a great example of Essilor’s inclusive business strategy in action, that seeks to create value for everyone – Essilor, our business partners and low-income consumers in need of vision correction,” said Farid Aourgh, General Manager for Essilor Mexico.