Promoting vision health to children in China - Essilor See Change

Myopia is a condition on the rise worldwide, and especially in Asia, with children in China showing the second highest levels in the world after Japan. This theme park program in China, is a new approach to public education.

Lisel Wang PR and Communication manager, explains: 

“Eday Town is an educational theme park in China where children aged 6-12 have fun role playing in different professions from airline pilot to doctor, restaurant or bank manager.”

“We created the concept of an Essilor store where children can try out being an optician and learn about eye care.”

“We designed the store to be bright, colourful and very hands-on. Groups of 8-10 kids explore eye care through a range of activities for around 30 minutes. These include quizzes, carrying out an eye screening and lens experiments like Optifog that shows the fogging up of lenses by hot water and testing the resistance of Airwear lenses under high-pressure impact.

Dressing up in white coats makes them feel like real opticians. We also hold special events like our Eye Care Day in Shanghai last June where 500 children and parents took part in a series of discussions and games.

We set up the first Eday Essilor store in 2010 and now there are 6 in major cities in the east, north and south of China. In January we’ll be opening our latest store in Nanchang.”

Did you know?
- Essilor participated in REAP China - a 2 year study to measure the impact of eye care and glasses on the educational performance of school children in north east rural China.
- Myopia rates are rapidly increasing in China – from 15% in the 1970s to over 55% in the late 1990s
- The incidence of myopia in China is as high as 76% among college students.
- In cities, typically one in five children with vision problems has glasses. In rural areas, children with vision problems are even less likely to wear glasses.
- The Eday Town project was selected as a winning best practice in 2012 Essilor Corporate Sustainability Awards.