Partnering with Devex to bring vision on the global development agenda - Essilor See Change

Earlier this year we launched a partnership with media platform Devex to share news, best practice and insights into the work, people and programmes involved in delivering our social mission: improving lives by improving sight. Devex is one of the world’s leading media platforms aimed at the global development community, connecting and informing over one million global development, global health, humanitarian and sustainability professionals through news, business intelligence, and funding & career opportunities. Over the next 12 months we will be working closely with Devex writers and editors to highlight the issue of poor vision, the challenges faced in addressing it and the measures we are taking together with our partners around the world to eliminate it. 

This collaboration covers two distinct yet connected sections on the platform. Development Enabled is a content series which explores the challenges faced by people living with disabilities. Development Enabled aims to showcase specific innovative models that work; directly engage key stakeholders; and encourage donors, development practitioners, the private sector, and policy makers to take action.

Our objective for this partnership is to position uncorrected poor vision as the largest unaddressed disability and demonstrate our knowhow and experience in addressing this. By participating in this series, and through the provision of case studies and sharing key learnings, we can be part of a global conversation with other like-minded contributors including Sightsavers and International Disability Alliance, looking beyond immediate health implications, to examine how barriers can be overcome and how people with disabilities can inform and drive inclusion efforts – to support a disability-inclusive world.

Focus on: Vision, an exclusive partnership between Essilor and Devex, explores challenges, solutions, and innovations in eye care and vision. Through insightful features, inspiring case studies and Q&As with our experts, this section of the Devex platform enables us to elevate the importance of vision as a major health priority in an engaging way to a key stakeholder audience of policy makers, potential programme partners and investors. Here you can find not only stories and news related to our strategic giving programmes and inclusive business models, but also learn more about other organisations working all over the world to eliminate poor vision.

Devex is widely read at the Gates Foundation, World Bank, United Nations, Oxfam, DFID, and across hundreds of similar leading organizations. Through this collaboration we are hoping to raise awareness of poor vision, its impact and implications among the people and institutions who can help us, through strategic, financial and in-market partnerships, to achieve our ambition and eliminate poor vision from the world by 2050.