Inaugural vision care event in Morocco targets 4,000 children - Essilor See Change

The first visual health campaign targeting children launched in Morocco this January when LN Optic, an Essilor subsidiary in Morocco, partnered with not-for-profit association Nahdat Zenata and Essilor Vision Foundation (EVF) to provide an eye camp in the Ain Harouda region.


4,000 children were tested, 30% of whom were found to have myopia and far vision problems. 289 of them received a new pair of glasses and the LN Optic laboratory has a project to further examine and equip the remaining 900.

The children’s education suffers from lack of access to proper vision correction

The event marked the beginning of an ongoing focus on Morocco for EVF. Speaking on the day, EVF President Aicha Mokdahi explained that there are significant numbers of children in the country whose education suffers through lack of access to proper vision correction. Testing and equipping these children will enable them to take full advantage of the economic growth of the country as well as improve their quality of life.