How Thalicia Bonato, the swimmer, sees the world - Essilor See Change

Meet Thalicia Bonato: a 15 year old swimmer and student at the Juan Antonio Samaranch Olympic Experimental Gymnasium in Santa Teresa, Rio. Thanks to the How do you see the world? vision care initiative she not only received her first pair of glasses but also met one of her idols, Clodoaldo Silva, a Brazilian swimmer and Paralympics winner. Watch how these glasses impacted Thalicia’s life and why Clodoaldo thinks good vision is fundamental to succeed.

“How do you see the world?” is a partnership that was launched last year between Instituto Ver e Viver, Essilor’s social business arm in Brazil, and the Nissan Foundation. This vision health program screened over 1,000 students and teachers in public sports schools called GEOs Ginásios Experimentais Olímpicos (Olympic Experimental Gymnasiums). Close to 400 consultations took place and 318 free glasses were delivered to students in need.