Essilor reconfirmed in Ethibel Corporate Social Responsibility register - Essilor See Change


Essilor has been selected for inclusion in the Ethibel Excellence Investment Register since 31 October this year. This selection by Forum Ethibel indicates that the company performs better than average in its sector in terms of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).

Jayanth Bhuvaraghan, Essilor’s Chief Corporate Mission Officer remarked:

“We are fortunate at Essilor to be engaged in a meaningful mission to help people everywhere enjoy a better life through a better sight.”

“This mission drives all our employees and partners in their efforts to improve the eyesight of the 4.3 billion people in the world who need vision correction. Such a prominent recognition highlights the full alignment between our strategy, our corporate citizenship and our purpose to improve people’s vision everywhere in the world”.

Essilor has been included in the Ethibel Excellence Investment Register since 2006. It is the only company in its industry sector to be part of five CSR indices. In 2013, Corporate Knights ranked Essilor International as one of the 100 most sustainable companies in the world.