Essilor grassroots raise funds for Essilor Vision Foundation in the US - Essilor See Change

World Sight Day 2014 in the US Photo credit to Wale Oguntona

Staff from Essilor of America headquarters in Dallas and employees working remotely across the US joined forces in a month-long series of activities to raise funds for the Essilor Vision Foundation (EVF). The campaign raised over $31,000 for charitable projects in America.

A range of events that included bake sales, yoga classes, the right to wear jeans to work for the month and a silent auction of gift baskets provided fun ways to support EVF and find out more about ongoing projects.

“We had a 1000+ people come and visit our mobile clinics in September as well as participate in the many activities. It was a great way to introduce the work of the Foundation, to explain the different ways to get involved as a volunteer and to encourage people to sign up to donate monthly via payroll,” said Stephen Shawler, President of the Essilor Vision Foundation.

In September alone, Essilor US teams donated $16,000, making a total of $120,000 since the beginning of the year – well on track for a total target of $200,000 of employee giving in 2013. It’s part of a three year program launched last year with the objective of raising $1million through the efforts and contribution of Essilor people.

The money will go towards initiatives like the Kids Vision For Life, a non-profit organization that brings together schools, businesses and community leaders to help children realize their full potential by providing good vision care. This February it held Kids Vision Fest, where 20 volunteer optometrists and an ophthalmologist screened 916 children from low income families and provided lenses for the 685 who needed them.

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