Crowdsourcing takes social business initiative into remote Northern Brazil - Essilor See Change


Instituto Ver & Viver (IVV), Essilor’s social business entity in Brazil, celebrated World Sight Day this year by crowd-sourcing innovative development ideas from Essilor Brazil employees. Evelin Campos Cunha won the ‘Amigos da Visão’ Campaign with a suggestion to bring affordable eye care to the remote Amazonas area.

“I immediately thought of the people living in Amazonas,” said Evelin, “They are located a considerable distance away from the other states in Brazil and I can only imagine how happy they would be to have access to vision care, as transportation and logistics in this region are complicated due to its remote location. I was very happy when I heard that my suggestion was selected. I felt that I was really doing what the Essilor mission promotes, which is helping to improve people’s lives through better sight.”

“I can only imagine how happy people living in Amazonas would be to have access to vision care”

Evelin, an HR Specialist working at Essilor’s facility in Manaus, the capital of Amazonas state, suggested working with a local NGO which facilitates eye health initiatives to promote social inclusion in Amazonas. The largest state in Brazil Amazonas is also the most challenging region in terms of accessibility.

“We believe that our ready to clip product could benefit the NGO that is reaching out to the people of Amazonas because it enables on-the-spot dispensing,” said Sandra Abreu, Head of IVV, “It’s just great to have achieved this lead thanks to Evelin’s idea.”