Alcon joins 'Think About Your Eyes' initiative in the US - Essilor See Change

unnamed (3) Novartis’ Alcon is the latest industry partner to join Essilor-sponsored US initiative “Think About Your Eyes”, a public awareness movement that combines fun with facts to educate people on good eye care and the importance of comprehensive annual eye exams.

One of the key features of the long-running campaign is awareness-raising. For example, one in four school children suffer from vision problems that can affect their learning, yet 1 in 3 school screenings miss eye or vision problems. Another area of concern is UV damage, which is responsible for blindness in 3.2 million people every year and causes 20% of all cataract cases. The “Think About Your Eyes” site also includes a function that helps users find their nearest eye doctor for a thorough assessment.

Since the national launch of Think About Your Eyes in 2013, eye exams have increased 4.5 percent in the US.

Essilor of America is one of the founder-members of  Think About Your Eyes, which has gradually garnered the support of many vision care industry leaders. Since the national launch in 2013, eye exams have increased 4.5 percent in the US, leading to an additional 5.2 million annual eye exams and the diagnosis of more than 525,000 previously undiagnosed eye diseases.

In November 2013 it went international, with an associated campaign in the UK. The UK campaign won an award for its strong call to action for safe driving. The latest satellite initiative is in Singapore.