A look at the Vision Ambassadors in Kenya - Essilor See Change

Access to eye care shouldn’t be taken for granted especially when 90% of the world’s 2.5 billion people who suffer from uncorrected vision live in developing nations. This is why in 2013 Essilor created its inclusive business arm, 2.5 New Vision Generation (2.5 NVG) to provide access to affordable vision care where it’s needed most. Since its launch, 2.5 NVG has trained nearly 4800 men and women to become primary vision care providers across Asia and Africa and Latin America. 

In Kenya – a country where 8 million people suffer from uncorrected poor vision – the Vision Ambassador model was launched at the end of 2016. To date almost 200 people have been trained to carry out basic vision screenings and sell ready-made glasses and sun-glasses to low income consumers thanks to this program. Here are some pictures which show the great work they are doing and the lives they’re improving by improving sight.

Domiana Mwikali – a community Health Worker in South C, Nairobi, Mukuru Kayaba, and a Vision Ambassador since 2016 – walking through her neighborhood bringing eye care to people’s doorsteps.

A member of Domiana’s community receives her first eye test thanks to Domina and 2.5 NVG.

Apart from working as a Vision Ambassador, Domiana trains other members of her community who want to give people access to eye care.

Evelyn Sombua is one of them. She is now working as a Vision Ambassador and proud to be able to support her family with extra income.

An elderly woman received her first pair of R2C (Ready2Clip™) glasses. The R2C product range was launched by 2.5 NVG to provide on the spot affordable vision care without compromising on quality.

Vision Ambassador Rachael Kawangware, equips a community member with a new pair of spectacles. Good vision can change lives: for her, an income opportunity, for him, a way to learn, work and be safe.

Not all Vision Ambassadors are mobile. Mr. Jesse Kirowo, based in Kitengela, Kajiado County, is a pharmacist who was trained to become a primary vision care provider. He now sells reading glasses and sunglasses in his pharmacy.

Photos: Mathias Magg (http://mathiasmagg.com/)