See Change is our vision. Is it yours?

At Essilor we believe that healthy vision is the right for all. But for everyone to see well, we need to see change. This has been our business for almost 170 years. However, like every global issue today, it's not just our business, it's everyone's business.

What We Do

Along with our partners we focus on 3 main areas of action that are helping improve access to healthy vision for all.


Vision Care at Your Fingertips

With more mobile devices in the world than number of people, huge swathes of the global population now have access to services previously out of their reach. From rural India to the favelas of Rio, recent advances in mobile health are helping to provide access to health care for communities that were previously completely cut off […]


#Driving Blind: Essilor UK promotes road safety through good vision

Road traffic accidents are a leading cause of fatality worldwide, accounting for over 1.2 million deaths each year. With a staggering 1.5 million drivers in the UK alone estimated to have never had their vision tested, Essilor UK has launched a nationwide campaign to raise awareness of the impact of poor vision on driving and make the nation’s  roads safer. Driving without clear […]


Vision For Life ambassador uses spare time to promote eye care in Ivory Coast

Juste Ahimoua is an Essilor project coordinator based in Ivory Coast – a country where over 13 million people suffer from poor vision. For the past six months, Juste has been working with local organisations and volunteers to screen 2,000 people, 600 of whom received a new pair of spectacles. We spoke to Juste about the initiatives […]


Sharing a common vision of respect and solidarity in Rio

While athletes from around the world competed at the Olympic Games in Rio last month, Vision For Life, Essilor’s strategic giving fund, joined hands with French non-profit organization Sport’ A Vie to show 120 young people from underprivileged suburbs of Paris just how difficult it is for some Brazilian communities to have access to basic vision care, offering 28 orphans […]


How Camila Rodrigues, the basketball player, sees the world

With the 2016 Olympics Games now behind us, we celebrate the role good vision plays in sport with this moving final episode of our web series. Meet Camila, an ambitious basketball player and a student at the Félix Mieli Venerando Olympic Experimental Gymnasium in Caju, Rio. Camila received her first pair of spectacles and met her idol, Hortencia Marcari, one […]


How Felipe Medeiros, the judo practitioner, sees the world

In episode 3 of How do you see the world? we meet Felipe, a 13 year old student of the Félix Mieli Venerando Olympic Experimental Gymnasium in Caju, Rio. His dream? Becoming a judo professional. Watch how good vision helped Felipe overcome his difficulties at school and share his joy when meeting his idol, Michele Ferreira, […]


How Luiza Dias, the athlete, sees the world

In this second episode of our web series on the campaign How do you see the world launched by Instituto Ver e Viver and Nissan Foundation in Brazil, meet young athlete Luiza, from the Félix Mieli Venerando Olympic Experimental Gymnasium in Caju, Rio. Watch Luiza share her dreams and aspirations and find out how her first […]


How Thalicia Bonato, the swimmer, sees the world

Meet Thalicia Bonato: a 15 year old swimmer and student at the Juan Antonio Samaranch Olympic Experimental Gymnasium in Santa Teresa, Rio. Thanks to the How do you see the world? vision care initiative she not only received her first pair of glasses but also met one of her idols, Clodoaldo Silva, a Brazilian swimmer […]


Essilor joins Business Call to Action

Inclusive business is good for business and good for development – this is the core belief of Business Call to Action, a multilateral alliance of global corporations, that Essilor has just joined with a commitment to expand access to vision care in developing countries.  With three years of inclusive business deployment behind us, and over 2.5 million lives […]

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