See Change is our vision. Is it yours?

At Essilor we believe that healthy vision is the right for all. But for everyone to see well, we need to see change. This has been our business for almost 170 years. However, like every global issue today, it's not just our business, it's everyone's business.

What We Do

Along with our partners we focus on 3 main areas of action that are helping improve access to healthy vision for all.


Inspirational program helps UK school children see a bright future

Essilor UK is reaching out to local schools to help prepare pupils for employment while screening their eyes and raising awareness of the importance of healthy vision.  This month, Essilor UK began an educational campaign with neighboring schools to its Thornbury site near Bristol. Volunteers from the company screened students to raise awareness of the importance […]

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Essilor Vision Foundation seeks to serve more rural communities in India

Essilor Vision Foundation India recently held a series of screening events to reach rural communities, supported by volunteers from Essilor Manufacturing India Private Limited ( EMIL). We spoke to them to learn more about their experience and to see how they think that eye care can be improved in remote areas. Earlier this year, the Essilor Vision […]


Helping babies with a rare condition to see the world better

Essilor Vision Foundation has launched a project to support Australian babies born with congenital cataract and to give them back their sight thanks to a special pair of glasses with aphakic lenses. “The first time there was just this big smile and her hands reached out, she was looking at her hands and trying to […]


New program in New Zealand aims to bring children a brighter future through vision care

With the support of local optometrists, Essilor Vision Foundation in New Zealand is bringing awareness and accessibility to eye care services to local school children. The goal is to improve school performance nation-wide and create a brighter future for New-Zealand’s children.  Sabine, a six year old primary school student from Auckland, always used to be among the best in […]


Improving education opportunities for Tanzanian children with albinism

A new 3-year-partnership to improve the visual health of children with albinism in Tanzania has been launched by INGO Standing Voice with the support of the Vision For Life fund, created by Essilor. The program will address the specific visual needs of  over 4,000 children whose genetic condition severely impacts their eyes and their sight. Discrimination and exclusion: a vicious […]


Record number of Eye Mitra entrepreneurs gather for annual convention

The record figure of 450 Eye Mitras attended an annual convention in March, organised for the past 2 years by Essilor’s 2.5 New Vision Generation. The convention rewards Eye Mitra for their efforts in building their own vision care businesses. This year a number of Eye Mitra shared their powerful stories on how this inclusive business model has changed […]


Driving awareness for vision care in India

Essilor Vision Foundation India has contributed to two awareness campaigns to educate members of the public on the importance of regular eye check-ups, vision correction and UV eye care. Together with industry partners and local eye care organisations, a total of 50,000 sunglasses were distributed in Calcutta and 1,000 call to action banners were displayed across India.  Raising awareness about poor vision and […]

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New vision screening pilots in Queensland focus on local community’s most vulnerable

Essilor Vision Foundation has partnered with local optometrists in Toowoomba, Queensland to provide eye screenings and free prescription glasses to members of the community who are particularly vulnerable. Through these pilot programs, which are helping refugees and people with mental disorders, the Foundation hopes to raise awareness of the importance of healthy vision and to replicate the programs at national level. Eye […]


Our Children’s Vision: new coalition will tackle the public health issue we see coming

A first-of-its-kind global coalition has just been launched with the aim of upscaling, accelerating and expanding access to eye health services to 50 million children by 2020. Co-founded by the Brien Holden Vision Institute and the Vision For Life fund, created by Essilor, the campaign has already garnered the support of over 30 organisations, all united […]

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